Terms of Sale


The prices in our tariffs are expressed in Euros (€) and do not include taxes.
Our sales prices are indicated in the tariffs in force or the price shown in the corresponding offer, if applicable. The price tariffs can be modified at any moment without any given warning.



We would be grateful if all orders could be received, preferably by writing, fax or email.
The order is considered accepted if our Customer Support does not pose any exceptions or conditions within 72 hours of the order being placed.



Our goods travel postage paid throughout the mainland Spain for orders above 600€, taxes not included. For figures lower than that indicated a fixed net charge of 12€ will be added to the invoice, through our means. It will be sent postage due by any means of transport chosen by the client, as well as any expedition outside the Peninsula whatever the nature or amount of the order.
For special electrical panel, see conditions.
Check the merchandise immediately after receiving it. In case of verifiable transport damages, they must be communicated to our customer service department and to the transport agency within a maximum period of 24 hours.



All goods will be sent in standard packaging. If goods due their volume, weight or special characteristics require special or wooden packaging this packaging will be charged separately from the sales invoice.



In the case of a claim due to breakdown, breakage or any cause attributable to the transport said claim will not be accepted if it is not received accompanied by a corresponding claim from the haulage contractor.



Delivery times are given in good faith as a guideline and there is no compensation for any delays that may occur. Orders may be supplied in parts, indicating in each case the situation of pending references (cancellation or pending with a new delivery date).



All our new electrical and electronic equipment and appliances are guaranteed by a legal term of ONE YEAR, from the date of delivery, against any construction defect and / or defect in its components or accessories. The delivery will be considered made on the date indicated on the invoice or on the delivery note.
The cases of force majeure, natural wear, undue manipulation or handling are not included in the guarantee (Example: alteration in the control panel, inadequate electrical or hydraulic connection, manipulation by unauthorized personnel, etc.) No follow-up of instructions, bad conservation, improper use, atmospheric phenomena or any other defect or disorder not attributable to equipment, products or technical personnel.
The guarantee includes the repair of products recognized as defective by our technical department, leaving our property replaced and without being obliged to any compensation or indirect damages, work of third parties or loss of profits. For the attention of claims and, in its case the realization of repairs in guarantee, it will be indispensable requirement to present along with the defective material a copy of the delivery note or of the corresponding invoice.
The return and reshipment expenses for repairs that are not under warranty will be borne by the customer.



In these conditions of sale will be considered compliant and accepted by all customers provided that, exceptionally, others have not been agreed, in writing, when formalizing the order. These conditions can be varied at any time, notifying customers of the changes 15 days prior to their entry into force

Condiciones de Venta